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Calling all cycling enthusiasts, we hear you are a passionate bunch. Maybe you heard about that small innovation called the e-bike? Bike Europe recently reported that e-bike market share in the Netherlands grew by 5.7% in 2018, now the competitive industry is getting involved.

In August 2019, the UCI will organise the worlds first official e-mountain bike championships. News that has been met with a diverse range of viewpoints and opinions. Some say this is the future of the sport. Opening up possibilities to compete for more entrants and expanding the horizons of the sport, allowing riders to challenge rides that are quicker and further than ever before. Others see e-MTB as degrading the sport, opening up possibilities to tampering with the bicycle capabilities and removing the challenge of the trails to the elite competitors.

Shimano represents a history of innovation. We like to encourage everyone to be able to enjoy nature and the world around us, surely e-MTB is a way of doing this? But is making e-bike an elite sport a step too far?

This is important, personally & professionally. Here we see a key development in the world of MTB, so we want to ensure our support is based upon quality, considered and reasoned conclusions.

Clearly we need answers. Where do we stand on e-MTB championships? Well, that is where you come in.

Can you provide us with solid research and coherent arguments? Could your internship research project provide us with the answers we need to translate into a marketing plan?

We commit to providing you with the guidance, access and information you need to make this a success. You will also be invited to join us at some events. (In the name of research of course!)

We expect you to bring the organisational skills, analytical mind and proactive attitude to complete a quality project we can both be proud of!

The important part, how to apply?

We need your pitch. How you would propose to tackle this issue and what you could deliver to us at the end. Oh, and why we should pick you as our supplier. You have 500 words to convince us, please upload on the apply link.



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