Shimano 4th in election Employer of the Year 2014

Shimano Europe Group is very proud and happy to announce that we, as Team Shimano Europe Group, finished in the TOP 5 of the best employers < 1.000 employees in last years employee satisfaction survey that is held amongst Dutch based companies.

Yesterday, October 7th, all results got published by Effectory & VNU in the new Del la Mar Theater in Amsterdam. Shimano finished on the 4th place. This result was far beyond our expectations. Out of 332 participating companies and more than 200.000 employees joining the survey Shimano finished 4th just 0,2 points behind the winner ZLM Insurances in the category < 1.000 employees. On short term, we expect that we will be able to share more details with our employees about this great result during our next quarterly meeting on October 29th.

This result will definitely help Shimano to build it’s employer brand further, but this was never a goal for itself. The success of a company is highly depending on the performance of employees. Only empowered and motivated employees can serve empowered customers. In order to measure and stimulate it was decided 7 years ago to participate in this survey. Shimano participates in this survey on a bi-annual basis, so it concerns the results of our 4th employee satisfaction survey.
We can all be very proud on the achievements we made as Team Shimano during last years.

Currently, we installed a Project Group which is looking into ways that we can explore our current performances even further. As Team Shimano, we all will help them and share the ambitions to achieve a top 3 position in future.

To see the full results, please click here.

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