Guy de Meyer

				Guy				 de				 Meyer
Name: Guy de Meyer

What appeals the most to you working at Shimano or what would you tell/share when talking to a friend about Shimano?

I would tell them that Shimano is a very reliable employer even in times of economic crisis and that Shimano is still a healthy and growing company. Because of this growth it is often possible for an employee to grow as an individual and to further develop your professional skills. The atmosphere amongst colleagues is great and we meet regularly after working hours.

How would you describe the working atmosphere/environment at Shimano?

There is a very straight forward communication from top to bottom and the other way around. The atmosphere is great, you feel like being part of a family.

What do you do at Shimano? What is the content of your job? How do your daily activities look like?

I work in the customer service department where I am the first contact person for dealers or consumers. My task is to answer questions from dealers concerning technical difficulties or questions about pricing. We also do tele sales actions, outbound en inbound sales. It’s a very challenging job in which you get to know the internal processes of Shimano very well.

What are your biggest challenges?

To stay informed about new developments and trends in the market so that we can continue to service and inform our dealers/clients in the best possible way.

Which achievement inside Shimano you are most proud of?

The turn over I have created by doing telesales and the introduction of two new Shimano Service centers.
Besides this I also introduced two new candidates for a function within Shimano, who are doing a great job right now and I have successfully trained two new colleagues at our department.

What gives you energy?

The positive atmosphere and the good relations with colleagues. We are a team supporting each other in obtaining a common goal.

What do you like most in working at Shimano?

The contacts with our clients and realizing a maximum of direct sales with them.

What hobbies/interests do you have?

Spending time with wife and kids during the weekend.
To ride my own bike in a contest and take a hike in the mountains.

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