Peter Winterman

				Peter				 				 Winterman
Name: Peter Winterman

What appeals the most to you working at Shimano or what would you tell/share when talking to a friend about Shimano?

Shimano is a well known high quality, sportive-image brand and it is famous whole over the world. Working on a daily base with international colleagues for this healthy company is a great pleasure. The future for the bicycle industry is bright and for myself, supporting the development of Shimano products on a daily basis is very interesting and challenging.

How would you describe the working atmosphere/environment at Shimano?

A low hierarchy structure with young passionate colleagues who always strive for the best.

What do you do at Shimano? What is the content of your job? How do your daily activities look like?

Our Team at the Customer Service & Technical Support department consists of 10 people. As manager of this team we perform activities related to: warranty handling, technical education, coordination of technical information, monitor testing, E-learning and all kinds of support during bicycle events within Europe. We act as the intermediar between the European bicycle market and our Shimano factories whole over the world.
I also represent Shimano in several European and International committees in developing all kind of bicycle-related safety standards.

What are your biggest challenges?

To keep our Service activities on the highest level that is expected from Shimano.

Which achievement inside Shimano you are most proud of?

Since my 15 years working at Shimano I am proud to see that the performance of our Team is rated on a very high level. The service we provide from Shimano is seen in the market as a real feature to choose for Shimano products.

What gives you energy?

Working with the most highly advanced bicycle components available is off course exciting. All kind of activities we perform to educate all kind of customers and receive positive feedback as a final result is a motivating factor too.

What do you like most in working at Shimano?

Being member of a healthy company that supplies high quality products without making concessions.

What hobbies/interests do you have?

My hobbies are all sports in general (especially soccer and watching my son playing soccer and my daughter doing gymnastics), computers and cars. To keep some exercise I am cycling (road and mountain bike), running and play some tennis. During holidays I love snorkeling, skiing, fishing and off course spending time with my family is the most important.

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