Carola Groeneveld

				Carola				 				 Groeneveld
Name: Carola Groeneveld

What appeals the most to you working at Shimano or what would you tell/share when talking to a friend about Shimano?

The first thing I would say is that I love working at Shimano, because of the people that work here. It seems a cliché, but working together with great colleagues in a healthy and motivating atmosphere makes every job so much more pleasant. Next to that, I like the sports industry in which Shimano is operating. The sports industry is full of (technical) developments and it is necessary to continuously excel and improve to stay a market leader as we are now. It makes it a challenging and interesting industry to work in. Besides, I am able to use my passion for cycling within my job.

How would you describe the working atmosphere/environment at Shimano?

The working atmosphere within Shimano is open and dynamic. I highly appreciate the open way of communication and the way we work together as a team. Everyone works hard and there is a continuous drive for improvement and success, but at the same time we also have a lot of fun and there is always time for a good laugh.

What do you do at Shimano? What is the content of your job? How do your daily activities look like?

By being part of the marketing department, every day is different to me. I take care of several marketing activities within the Benelux, like sports marketing, events, trade shows and PR. This means that one day I can be sitting behind my desk taking care of sample requests or coordinating all the sponsored events, while the other day I can be busy riding a bike during a press camp with journalists. Within my job I communicate with a lot of different people and stakeholders. Flexibility is key in my job, but that is also what makes it interesting and challenging to me.

What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is to stay focused on the things we are good in and make this even better. Like I said, flexibility is key within my job, but sometimes it is necessary to stay focused and oversee the bigger picture, instead of being busy with a lot of smaller issues.

Which achievement inside Shimano you are most proud of?

I am not proud of one specific project or achievement, but I am proud of being part of Team Shimano. Together we were successful in a couple of great projects and events, like the introduction of electronic shifting, our dealershows and consumer events like Bikemotion and Velofollies.

What gives you energy?

It is a great feeling when a plan comes together and the idea you had in mind works out just the way you wanted. This feeling of satisfaction gives energy to keep on looking for new opportunities. I am happy that within Shimano there is a platform to come up with new plans and ideas from yourself, and that there is room for feedback and initiative.

What do you like most in working at Shimano?

Working within an environment where everyone is passionate and motivated and always trying to excel and develop in everything we do. It is of great value to have people around you, who share the same attitude and passion. These things make that I go to work with a big smile every day.

What hobbies/interests do you have?

Obviously I love riding my bike. Next to that, I give spinning lessons and combat classes at a gym, it is a great feeling to motivate people to get the most out of themselves. Alongside my sport activities, I listen a lot of music, visit concerts and festivals. My biggest passion though is travelling, getting to know new places and meet new inspiring people.

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