Arno Veldkamp

				Arno				 				 Veldkamp
Name: Arno Veldkamp

What appeals the most to you working at Shimano or what would you tell/share when talking to a friend about Shimano?

Shimano’s passionate and enthusiastic team! Besides, the company is financial healthy with a supporting and constructive attitude through all levels within the organization.

How would you describe the working atmosphere/environment at Shimano?

Shimano has a dynamic & supportive environment giving you the ability to grow and evolve. The recognition for hard work, the focus on training & development and a good work-life balance do contribute to a nice place to work.

What do you do at Shimano? What is the content of your job? How do your daily activities look like?

In my position I am responsible for the logistics planning, administration and customs department, my job has its practical challenges. The dynamics of logistics are very interesting. Especially within Shimano where we strive on a daily base for an excellent customer satisfaction. To control this process and to keep my team in optimal shape gives me a good feeling and that is what I enjoy doing every day.

What are your biggest challenges?

To continuously understand the needs of our customers and to keep our processes in line in order to meet them.

Which achievement inside Shimano you are most proud of?

Looking back over the last couple of years and knowing that we faced a financial crisis, I am very proud that Shimano was able to invest and build the organization being ready for the years to come. In respect to our logistics we had the possibility to invest in our resources and equipment. Over the last 5 years the site in Nunspeet has changed from a more conventional warehouse to a well equipped automated distribution centre serving many customers in the European areas.

Personally I am very proud of my team, all of them are well motivated & flexible. The team is a good mix of freshmen and people having many years of experience. A team that supports each other and works together in a very professional way. I am happy to see that our training & development program is a good contribution and very effective.

What gives you energy?

It gives good energy when things go well. When the team performs, when we achieve our goals and enjoy the daily (small) success. However, it really motivates me to be involved in new developments. Thinking in opportunities, setup a new process and build a team. All in the perspective that it should create an added value to our customers.

What do you like most in working at Shimano?

The rapidly changing environment and the given opportunities to stay on track. It is good to see that Shimano recognizes the human asset and strongly believes that a good functional team will make the difference for our company.

What hobbies/interests do you have?
Having a lovely wife and two beautiful children in an age of 7 & 10 years, most of my free time is spent with the family. I do enjoy riding the bike with friends and my son and try to catch some fish so now and then. On Saturdays I give training to the hockey team of my youngest and support our son in playing soccer. My interest lies in home automation & interior design.

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