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Biopeace is the Staff Association of Shimano in Nunspeet. Biopeace has the goal to strengthen the relationship of the employees of Shimano. This Association has over 250 members spread over the offices in the BENELUX. In the past years Biopeace organized a lot of activities, such as the annual St. Nicholas party (every year), a visit to Snow World, musicals, the casino, a football match, a tour through Rotterdam and a weekend in IJmuiden.

Sport activities

As Shimano’s philosophy is ‘to promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us’ Shimano has a Sports Committee who organize events in which colleagues can participate. As many of our employees have an enthusiasm in different kinds of sports, we organize different sportive events for all levels.

The Sport Committee organizes:

  • Participation in (off)road tours such as the Amstel Gold Race, Schwalbe Veldtoertocht and the Jan Janssen classic; 
  • Bike rides after working hours between April and October; 
  • Jogging after working hours in winter/spring; 
  • Participation in triathlons such as the Flitstriathlon; 
  • Participation in running events such as the Marikenloop, Ladies Run and Klokloop; 
  • Indoor soccer; 
  • Spinning marathon; 
  • Soccer matches between the different international Shimano offices; 
  • (Table)tennis clinics; 
  • (Ice) skating clinics; 
  • Swimming clinics; 
  • Hockey clinics; 
  • Handball clinics.
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