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Shimano Benelux actively supported Parc Spelderholt, a centre for young people with disabilities

Shimano Europe is supplying and selling captivating products and services that enable people to enjoy the great outdoors of nature.

As a value creating company, we continuously monitor and listen to the market in order to be an excellent supplier and valuable partner for all our customers. Globalization and the ample growth of
the world’s population made us aware of the impact of our products and services. At Shimano we endorse Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in our business initiatives and in our mission in order to deliver quality products and services that contribute to people’s health and happiness. Ethical and transparent behaviour are essential in CSR and covered in good Corporate Governance. In order to assess our governance, Shimano is auditing at least twice a year within the scope of J-SOX (Japan Sarbanes- Oxley Act). This act provides, among others, accurate financial disclosures for our shareholders and a whistleblower policy.

In the European Shimano subsidiaries we monitor and operate according to the ISO 9001 Standard. With this standard we secure and facilitate our operations and customers with optimal quality standards in
procurement, development and safe products. In our global production facilities we carefully examine our processes and take a leading role by the implementation of the Shimano Green Plan (SGP), signed by all related vendors and suppliers. The SGP is intended to increase the business efficiency and to reduce the impact of our products on the environment. Besides our customers, another very important resource in our organization are our Team Shimano members. We underline this importance by encouraging and nurturing them to realise their full potential by offering training and educational programs. Our training and development program should provide our customers with competent and skilled employees. A safe and healthy workplace made that Shimano Europe was awarded as a great place to work. In order to strengthen our staff’s relationship, our employee association and sports committee organize a variety of informal activities with a social and sporty character. We continuously support and organize various events and donate on almost annual basis to good causes nominated by our Team Shimano members. As a member of the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFGSI) and an active member of (the international) society, Shimano Europe shares and promotes the enjoyment of nature, sports, leisure activities, and mobility by providing high quality and captivating products and services.

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Europees hoofdkantoor Shimano naar High Tech Campus in Eindhoven EINDHOVEN - Het Europees hoofdkantoor van Shimano wordt per 1 januari 2017 gevestigd op de High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Shimano kiest voor de High Tech Campus vanwege de aanwezigheid van veel jong talent en een sterke focus op innovatie. Ook ...
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