Linda van Bemmel

				Linda				 van				 Bemmel
Name: Linda van Bemmel

What appeals the most to you working at Shimano or what would you tell/share when talking to a friend about Shimano?

At Shimano all people are passionate about the products and the brand, this results in a very positive atmosphere and drives you to make the best out of your job.

How would you describe the working atmosphere/environment at Shimano?

The atmosphere can be described as very positive and informal.

What do you do at Shimano? What is the content of your job? How do your daily activities look like?

I am brand manager City/Trekking at Shimano Europe Bike Holding, making me responsible for a part of the (city/trekking) assortment for our European sales offices. This means that I need to be aware of market trends in order to be able to define the right brands and collections and help with appropriate sales/marketing actions. After definitions are done, I am the contact between the sales offices and the supplier.

What are your biggest challenges?

Make a solution that can be used in all of our markets. We centralize supplier contacts and marketing strategies to make things easier. This is a challenge, because every market is different. Even within one country needs are not the same (e.g. in the northern part of France there are different needs then in the Alps) and this challenge we face in adding new brands, defining assortments and marketing strategies.

Which achievement inside Shimano you are most proud of?

A year ago I started working for Shimano, at that time I was the only one with the clear assignment to focus on the City/Trekking market. Since then 2 of our markets started to concentrate on this segment as well (for the record, not because of me). Thanks to that development, my colleagues and my own efforts, we added a new brand (Basil) to this segment and already see growing figures for the assortment belonging to this market.

What gives you energy?

The positive environment at work, a job I like and at the end of the day my swim, run or bike training.

What do you like most in working at Shimano?

Working with products I have a close affinity with, combined with a positive atmosphere makes it a great place to work.

What hobbies/interests do you have?

In my spare time I enjoy training for my triathlon passion. The time left I like to meet friends and eat at good restaurants.

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