“The future direction for the SRD system is to become THE standard foot stretcher system for rowing boats.”

Shimano Rowing Dynamics is a new division within Shimano established in 2009. Shimano developed and introduced a unique foot stretcher system and rowing shoes in the rowing world: Shimano Rowing Dynamics (SRD). The SRD Foot Stretcher is equipped with a Virtual Pivot mechanism that allows the foot stretcher to rotate to keep the feet at the optimum power transmission angle as the rower’s posture changes. This improves rowing movement efficiency and gives the rower revolutionary ease of motion. A binding between the SRD Foot Stretcher and the SRD Rowing Shoes completes the system. With
this system crew members can use their own shoes – gone is the necessity of sharing footwear. Further, the independent binding units on the right and left sides can be easily adjusted to change the stance. Another advantage of the SRD Foot Stretcher is that it can be adjusted for installation in almost any boat regardless of manufacturer or type. Last but not least, the system is much safer than the conventional foot stretcher. The binding system releases itself in case of capsizing.

Why SRD?

Shimano Rowing Dynamics SRD

The overall strategy of Shimano is to make ‘captivating products’. With the SRD system Shimano is doing exactly that. The conventional foot stretcher has not been innovated for probably more than 30 years, even though it has many disadvantages in terms of functionality, comfort, hygiene and safety. Although the rowing world is small, rather conservative and certainly not an ‘early adopter’ in terms of new products, its stakeholders are more and more convinced that innovation of the foot stretcher is needed and the ‘next thing’ in rowing. We can see a movement in the rowing world towards looking at stretcher systems and footwear. The future direction for the SRD system is to become THE standard foot stretcher system for rowing boats.

SRD: Stretch Your Horizon

SRD has come from a period in which the focus was mainly on introduction and promotion of the system to the rowing world. This was done successfully, inter alia resulting in the acceptance by FISA of the binding system and an Olympic Best Time during the London OG! The number of elite rowers who are successfully using SRD is growing, being great examples to their rowing fans. As of 2013 the focus will change: commerce will become equally important as promoting the system. The main strategy will be to generate sales by creating demand in the market, in particular at rowing clubs (foot stretcher) and rowers (shoes). Increasing sales at rowing clubs will create more demand in the market, which will lead to product demand (SRD) at boat manufacturers. We strengthened our team to create more sales force and we already see a trend that more and more rowing enthusiasts and clubs stretch their horizon and are just as passionate about SRD as we are.

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