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At Shimano we believe that our employees are a key asset because the success of Shimano strongly depends on the success of its people. When Shimano Team members develop Shimano will benefit from this growth. We call this: “Growing Shimano together”.

We have always invested in the development of Shimano Team members. To truly enhance this vision we have created our own learning academy, the Shimano Academy, which was rolled out across Shimano in Europe in 2013. Shimano Academy offers a complete and attractive internal training program for a wide range of Shimano Team members.

As a new Shimano Team member, you will be able to participate in our onboarding class. Not only are new Shimano team members enrolled to join the Shimano Academy, but also team members such as: young professionals, managers and directors, join the Shimano Academy at different levels.

Within the Shimano Academy we developed a program with tree pillars to align the personal growth of our team members with the company goals. These pillars are:
• Individual development
• Team development
• Business development

Not only will it support you in your personal and professional development, it also gives you the opportunity to get to know, and work together with, your colleagues from other countries and business fields in a better way.

Training is one thing, but we realize that most of the learning takes place ‘on the job’ and by learning from others. This is why, amongst others, assessments, practical assignments, group discussions, interactive sessions, personal coaching and projects are also part of this academy program. We continuously focus on how we get ‘from learning to doing’.

But there’s more than the Shimano Academy. The Shimano Academy is additional to other development activities such as the Shimano Employee Performance Process, individual trainings and studies or other group trainings. And last but not least, we invest in a working environment in which working and learning meet each other and where each team member gets the space to explore and develop his or her talents. These challenges can be found in your daily job but also beside your job, example given by participation in projects, events or in solution findings.

Do you want to experience this yourself? Apply today and hopefully we will see you in our Shimano Academy.


In order to increase know-how, a lot of Shimano employees join workshops to increase their capabilities
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