Shimano Europe Group is a healthy and fast growing organization of more than 20 companies across Europe employing more than 700 well motivated and enthusiastic team members. As the success of our company is highly depending on the performance, well-being and satisfaction of our employees, we regularly conduct employee satisfaction surveys to see if we are really on the right track. We are proud of our high scores in these surveys. Especially in the fields of engagement and commitment to Shimano and overall job satisfaction we score pretty high compared to European benchmark companies. We are glad to have such a nice team of happy and satisfied people within Team Shimano.

This result will definitely help Shimano to build its employer brand further, but this was never a goal on its own. The success of a company is highly depending on the performance of the employees. Only empowered and motivated employees can serve empowered customers. Or in other words, to state Simon Sinek “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”.

We can all be very proud on the achievements we made as Team Shimano during the last years. This was confirmed during an Employee Satisfaction Survey that was done in 2016. Again Shimano was ranked among the top 3 of best employers in the category production and industry with a final score pretty high above the branch average-a great result!


The Philosophy

An engaged, vital, resilient and sustainable workforce is key to successfully acheive the Shimano "Towards 2023 goals". Shimano is technology, innovation driven and is operating in a rapidly changing environment. Therefore it continuously needs to adapt and go through changes, thus expecting the employees to be adapable and resilient as well. 

Whilst the program aims to strengthen the Shimano organization through vital employees, the program is also designed for each and every employee with an aim to enhance their self-vitality and well-being. The program contains various elements of vitality like connecting, being active through sports and company sponsored benefits like medical check-ups to take notice and be aware of your health and well-being. Shimano believes in giving back to society and continuous learning.  

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Europees hoofdkantoor Shimano naar High Tech Campus in Eindhoven EINDHOVEN - Het Europees hoofdkantoor van Shimano wordt per 1 januari 2017 gevestigd op de High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Shimano kiest voor de High Tech Campus vanwege de aanwezigheid van veel jong talent en een sterke focus op innovatie. Ook ...
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