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“We believe that people are a key asset because the success of Shimano strongly depends on the success of its people. If the individual will grow also Shimano will benefit from this growth.
Therefore we will put our efforts to create a challenging environment in which working and learning meet each other and people get the space to explore and develop their talents.

To ensure people to be successful in their jobs and development we will pay attention to the content and challenges within their jobs and give people the freedom to give their contribution to projects, solutions findings and the team performance.

We will facilitate them with the possibilities to gain knowledge and to develop their competencies (e.g. by training and coaching). Next to this we will also stimulate people to share and apply their knowledge and make an appeal to people’s co-responsibility for their personal development as well.

In order to increase know-how, a lot of Shimano employees join workshops to increase their capabilities
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Shimano Europe Group

High Tech Campus 92

5656 AE  Eindhoven 

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)341 272 340

Europees hoofdkantoor Shimano naar High Tech Campus in Eindhoven EINDHOVEN - Het Europees hoofdkantoor van Shimano wordt per 1 januari 2017 gevestigd op de High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Shimano kiest voor de High Tech Campus vanwege de aanwezigheid van veel jong talent en een sterke focus op innovatie. Ook ...
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