Application procedure

At Shimano you will run through the following process:

First step: your application

You can apply online on one of our vacancies or sent an unsolicited application to our HR department. Please send in your resume and a personal motivation. Subsequently, we will send you a confirmation that we have received your email.

Second step: selection

Our HR department reviews your data and checks if you fit in the profile for the vacancy you are applying for.

Third step : applicationform

If our HR department feels you would fit in the profile of the vacancy, we ask you to fill in a digital application form, sent to you by our HR department.

Fourth step: interviews

If the completed application form is still meeting our job-profile, there will be a 1st interview. If the 1st interview is positive, there will be a 2nd interview. Both interviews are with 2 different persons, so in total you will speak with at least 4 persons. There is no/limited transfer of information between the persons of the first and the second interview. This is because we don’t want to influence the objectivity of the individuals involved.

Fifth step: reference check and an assessment when needed

When step 1 until 4 are successful, we will get in touch with your references in order to confirm our point of view after the 2 interviews. When needed, an assessment takes place.

Step six: labor condition meeting

When step 1 until 5 are successful, we plan a labor condition meeting. In this labor condition meeting we discuss our primary and secondary labor conditions and we offer you a contract proposal.

Step seven: start

Join 'Team Shimano'!

When step 1 until 6 are successful, you can start in your new position. Depending on the job the whole process will take between 3 to 4 weeks. When started in your position, you will have an extensive introduction program with all the necessary guidance and training you need.

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